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GreeningUSA Community Membership Application

When it comes to supporting sustainable community initiatives, GreeningUSA provides its member communities with so many benefits for so little in annual membership costs.

The information below is for municipalities applying for GreeningUSA community membership. The membership application must be submitted by postal mail (pdf) at this time (we will have an online submission form available shortly; thanks for your patience). We look forward to receiving your completed application and working closely with you to help your community become more sustainable!

Membership Eligibility
Any established U.S. city, town, village or county that publicly commits to improving the quality of life for all of its citizens through sustainable practices affecting the local environment, economy and social conditions.

Membership Benefits
Municipalities that are pursuing increased sustainability and are current with their annual dues payment may be deemed a GreeningUSA Member Community and receive the following benefits of membership:

  • 12 Traits of Sustainable Communities Program
    We will provide a comprehensive sustainability analysis prepared specifically for your community based on the GreeningUSA 12 Traits of Sustainable Communities Rating System. This annual, customized report is free of charge for member communities and will identify your community's current strengths and weaknesses across 36 distinct sustainability criteria (pdf chart).

  • Recognition of Achievement
    Get the sustainability recognition that you deserve! Based on your community's 12 Traits program score, you will be recognized as achieving one of four award levels: GreeningUSA Member Community, Sustainable Community, Highly Sustainable Community or Highly Sustainable Community of Distinction. Exemplary communities will be recognized for specific accomplishments within the individual 12 Traits or other sustainability criteria.

  • Best Practices Recommendations
    A prioritized list of "best practices" recommendations for improving the sustainability of your community based on the outcome of your 12 Traits report. These recommendations can be the basis for your municipality to design a targeted action plan aimed at improving your community's sustainability performance and future 12 Traits program scores.

  • Online Collaboration Tools (under development)
    Easily access and connect with industry experts, GreeningUSA board and committee members, and other GreeningUSA member communities to learn and share best practices, tips and more.

  • Sustainability Academy Program
    Your community will receive special discounted member rates for full access to this highly popular and successful grassroots educational program for engaging citizens of all ages in local sustainability.

  • Communications/Advocacy Support
    Assistance and tools to help promote your community’s sustainability efforts and successes, as well as advocate for various sustainability issues with the public and elected officials. You will also be featured in one issue of GreeningUSA's Change Agents e-newsletter.

  • GreeningUSA Voting Rights
    Each member community shall receive one vote, with one person designated by each municipality as its delegate to represent that community. All delegated community representatives are invited to participate in GreeningUSA's Annual Meeting and vote on issues as they may arise.

Member Dues
Community Membership dues are payable annually by the member's anniversary date each year, and are based on the municipality's population according to the following table:

  Community Population Annual Dues
  100,000 and less $500
  100,001 – 500,000


  500,001 – 1,000,000 $2,000
  1,000,001 and up $3,000

GreeningUSA Community Membership Application
If you are an elected official or employee of an established U.S. municipality and want to submit an application for your community to become a GreeningUSA Member Community:

  • Please download the application (pdf) and submit it by postal mail along with your payment (we will have an online community membership application form available shortly; thanks for your patience).

What will happen once we receive your application form...

  • GreeningUSA will acknowledge receipt of your Community Membership application and begin processing it promptly.

  • Upon receiving notification that your Community Membership has been confirmed, please complete and submit your Community Profile Summary (pdf) so we can begin your 12 Traits sustainability assessment. A link to this worksheet is available on our Community Membership files page, and it also will be available on the next page after clicking "submit" below.

  • Upon acceptance of your GreeningUSA Community Membership application and our initiation of your no-cost 12 Traits sustainability analysis, you may then refer to your municipality as a "GreeningUSA Member Community." Based on the results of your 12 Traits analysis, a further designation may be earned such as GreeningUSA: Sustainable Community, Highly Sustainable Community or Highly Sustainable Community of Distinction. Such further designations may only be used upon GreeningUSA's formal recognition and notification to your municipality.

Questions? Contact Peter Arsenault, FAIA, LEED-AP, GreeningUSA 12 Traits program director,

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