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What the scientific community is saying about climate change
Updated April 15, 2014
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Below is a list of science-based articles on research into various aspects of climate change. Most of these articles are abstracts based on scientific research from around the world. They come from various sources such as ScienceDaily, scientific journals and science reporters.

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Thank you for your interest in climate change.

Peter Wirth
GreeningUSA Advocacy Committee Chair

Clicking on a title will take you to the full article. Please check back often as this page is regularly updated.

ScienceDaily | March 31, 2014
Arctic melt season lengthening, ocean rapidly warming

ScienceDaily | March 31, 2014
Warming climate may spread drying to a third of earth: Heat, not just rainfall, plays into new projections

The New York Times | March 31, 2014
Panel's Warning on Climate Risk: Worst Is Yet to Come

ScienceDaily | March 26, 2014
Major increase in West Antarctic glacial loss

ScienceDaily | March 16, 2014
Northeast Greenland ice loss accelerating, researchers say

ScienceDaily | March 4, 2014
Warmer temperatures push malaria to higher elevations

ScienceDaily | March 4, 2014
New data confirms Arctic ice trends: Ice-free season getting longer by five days per decade

ScienceDaily | March 2, 2014
Global warming felt to deepest reaches of ocean

ScienceDaily | February 26, 2014
Climate change: No warming hiatus for extreme hot temperatures

ScienceDaily | February 18, 2014
Los Angeles' vulnerability to future sea level rise projected

ScienceDaily | February 4, 2014
Climate change threatens to cause trillions in damage to world's coastal regions if they do not adapt to sea-level rise

ScienceDaily | February 3, 2014
Greenland's fastest glacier reaches record speeds

ScienceDaily | February 3, 2014
Dramatic thinning of Arctic lake ice cuts winter ice season by 24 days compared to 1950

The New York Times | February 1, 2014
Severe Drought Has U.S. West Fearing Worst

The New York Times | January 23, 2014
Industry Awakens to Threat of Climate Change

ScienceDaily | January 19, 2014
Get used to heat waves: Extreme El Nino events to double

ScienceDaily | December 11, 2013
Alpine glacier, unchanged for thousands of years, now melting: New ice cores suggest Alps have been strongly warming since 1980s

The Seattle Times | November 29, 2013
Researchers say Arctic Ocean Leaking Methane

Environment News Service | November 27, 2013
Acidifying Oceans Alarm Hundreds of Scientists

ScienceDaily | November 13, 2013
Global Carbon Emissions Set to Reach Record 36 Billion Tons in 2013

ScienceDaily | November 13, 2013
'Missing Heat' Discovery Prompts New Estimate of Global Warming: Arctic Warming Fast

Scientific American | November 7, 2013
Global Warming Finally Reaches the Last Arctic Region

ScienceDaily | October 31, 2013
Is Global Heating Hiding out in the Oceans? Parts of Pacific Warming 15 Times Faster Than in Past 10,000 Years

ScienceDaily | October 29, 2013
Thawing Permafrost: The Speed of Coastal Erosion in Eastern Siberia Has Nearly Doubled

ScienceDaily | October 24, 2013
Unprecedented Arctic Warming: Average Summer Temperatures in Last 100 Years May Be Warmest in 120,000 Years

ScienceDaily | October 22, 2013
Climate Change Increased the Number of Deaths

ScienceDaily | October 19, 2013
Disaster Management Expert Warns Australian Bush Fires Will Be Amongst Worst Ever Seen

ScienceDaily | October 15, 2013
World Ocean Systems Undermined by Climate Change by 2100

ScienceDaily | October 9, 2013
Urgent New Time Frame for Climate Change Revealed by Massive Analysis

ScienceDaily | September 12, 2013
Unprecedented Rate and Scale of Ocean Acidification Found in the Arctic

ScienceDaily | September 8, 2013
Climate Change Will Upset Vital Ocean Chemical Cycles, Research Shows

ScienceDaily | September 5, 2013
Global Warming Has Increased Risk of Record Heat

ScienceDaily | August 1, 2013
Climate Change Occurring Ten Times Faster Than at Any Time in Past 65 Million Years

ScienceDaily | July 24, 2013
Coastal Antarctic Permafrost Melting Faster Than Expected: Arctic-Like Melt Rates Appearing in Coastal Antarctica

ScienceDaily | July 22, 2013
Most Flammable Boreal Forests in North America Become More So

ScienceDaily | July 19, 2013
It's Not Just the Heat, It's the Ozone: Hidden Heat Wave Dangers Exposed

ScienceDaily | July 9, 2013
Evolution Too Slow to Keep Up With Climate Change

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